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Organizations that perpetuate Hawaiian culture

These organizations are centered on or contribute to perpetuating Native Hawaiian language, culture and ways of life. Not all organizations listed are classified as "NHO" and not all NHOs are listed. For the DOI list of NHOs updated March 2 2020, visit this link.

Culture Perpetuation & Education

Aha Kane.png

Men's Culture & Capacity Building Conference

Aha Kāne's vision is to "nurture a healthier Native Hawaiian male population by eliminating psychosocial, health, and educational disparities through activities founded on traditional cultural practices that build sustainability in the community."


Preservation of Cultural & Spiritual Practices

Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi's mission is to perpetuate the cultural and spiritual practices of Native Hawaiians. They strive to, among other things, "restore the cultural connection between land and community, develop ongoing sustainable programs, and provide green jobs and opportunities.


Perpetuating Cultural Education

Koka supports a culturally rich learning environment for keiki and centers all of its programs around Hawaiian culture. While the organization primarily focuses on opio, it seens enriching the community as an integral part of improving learning for keiki as well. Thusly, various community workshops are held throughout the year.


Preservation of Cultural & Spiritual Practices

Mana Studios creates digital solutions to perpetuate and normalize ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and other indigenous languages. Among their projects is a browser extension that allows Netflix users to watch movies and shows with hawaiian subtitles.



Technology Education

Purple Mai‘a integrates Hawaiian values with technology to engage youth and the wider community as indigenous technologists--ideators and users of technology that promote sustainable practices and solutions for a better society. Among its programs Purple Mai‘a teaches coding and computer science to native Hawaiian and other youth groups underrepresented in tech.


Civic Organization

Founded by Prince Kuhio, the Hawaiian Civic Clubs advocate "for improved welfare of native Hawaiians in culture, health, economic development, education, social welfare, and nationhood."


Native Hawaiian Education Network

Kanaeokana is a network that supports and enriches Native Hawaiian ways of learning. They "seek to strengthen the lāhui and nurture the next generations of aloha 'āina leaders though a strong ʻōlelo Hawai'i and ʻike Hawai'i foundation."


Cultural Preservation

The cultural preservation society is dedicated to perpetuating Mary Kawena Pukui's life work of preserving Hawaiian culture and language for future generations.


Arts and Culture Center

PAI's mission is "to establish and maintain a sustainable Native Hawaiian arts and culture center in urban Honolulu." The foundation operates the PAʻI Arts & Culture Center (PACC).


Ali‘i Trust

Liliuokalani Trust is a private foundation that was established to ensure the well-being of orphan and destitute children with preference given to Native Hawaiian children. In addition to the trust's programs, which are founded on Hawaiian cultural values, the trust also holds agriculture and conservation lands.

Agriculture, Conservation & Ancestral Land Management


Farm & Education Center

Ka‘ala Farm is a living ahupua‘a and learning center that centers on ancestral technologies of land and resource management to not only preserve a sustainable living culture but to promote it within our communities.


Lo‘i Kalo & Education Center

Located in the beautiful He‘eia ahupua‘a, Papahana Kua‘ola seeks to enrich communities through education of cultural and natural resources, environmental restoration, and economic sustainability while integrating Hawaiian knowledge.


Organic Farm & Youth Empowerment

Ma‘o is an organic farm that strives to develop capacity and opportunity for underprivileged youth, sustainable economic development, organic agriculture, health and well-being while perpetuating Hawaiian culture.


Sustainable Living

Mālama Learning Center promotes sustainable living in harmony with culture, conservation, science and art. Among its projects, the center works to restore various sites including the Pālehua lands in the Wai‘anae moku, and is an educational partner with Camp Pālehua.

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